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Legal Notice:

At Fair-X BannerExchange, we strongly believe in "fair play". Both in the way we run our exchange and also how we treat the people we work with. Because of this, we expect our members, resellers and business contacts to treat us the in the same honorable way.

Our philosopy is quite simple: We provide an excellent and unique service to anyone who wants to increase their website traffic and who wants to make money from the Internet. You're welcome to use our services and benefit from our system, as long as you're not trying to cheat us or abuse our system.

This is common sense, and in a "perfect world" we wouldn't even have to make a topic out of this.

However, our lawyer has adviced us to post this "legal notice" on our site, to clarify our policy and rules, and assure everyone that legal matters are taken care of in a proper way.

This "Legal Notice" is to be concidered as a "member agreement" or "reseller agreement" for any person or company that decides to do any kind of business with us, such as join as members or resellers, or any other form of affiliation with the Fair-X BannerExchange.


1:1 exchange rate
The Fair-X BannerExchange operates with a 1:1 (one to one) exchange rate. This meens that your banner will be displayed ONCE on any randomly selected member website for EACH of the Fair-X BannerExchange banners displayed on your website.


For every member signing up as paid Fair-X BannerExchange members after clicking the "strip" under the Fair-X BannerExchange "banner rotator" on your webpage(s), or clicking any of your "reseller links" you will earn a 50% commission. (50% of the purchase/membership price, less the creditcard processing fees.

It is important that you ensure that your ClickBank "nickname" appears correctly in any and all of your links to Fair-X BannerExchange, both the "reseller links" you choose to set up, and the link from the "strip" displayed under the Fair-X BannerExchange "banner rotator" on your webpages. Correct syntax of these URL's/links should be http://www.fair-x.com/go.pl?NICKNAME where NICKNAME should be replaced with your ClickBank nickname (Your ClickBank "nickname" should be the same as your Fair-X BannerExchange account name. If your ClickBank "nickname" for some reason is NOT the same as your Fair-X BannerExchange account name, you should use your ClickBank nickname in these links!)


Money back guarantee:
We give you a full 90 day 100% money back guarantee! If you for some reason want to delete your membership and get your money back, you can do so within 90 days from purchansing your membership. Our best ambassadours are happy customers, and we will do everything possible to ensure that you're satisfied with your Fair-X BannerExchange membership. If you're not satisfied, you'll get your money back! Fair play! Common sense!


Membership renewals:
The Fair-X BannerExchange membership lasts for 3, 6 or 12 months, depending of what period you chose when purchasing your membership. We DO NOT automatically rebill your creditcard when your membership period expires. We will simply send you an email explaining how to renew your membership for another period. Wether you want to renew your membership or not is of course up to you.


Our support staff work hard to answer any support request you may have within the shortest possible time. In periods with high workload, you may have to wait 1-2 business days before we can help you. We strongly advice that you check out our FAQ page before sending an email to our support department. 99% of all problems/questions you want to solve/get answers to is allready explained there.


We do not tolerate SPAM in any form. Any spam report on your Fair-X account will cause an immedeate termination of your account. This includes your earned banner impressions and your cash commissions.You will get no refunds if this happens! (Our "No Spam Policy" is fully supported by ClickBank)


Using false identity, email adress or mail address when signing up with the Fair-X BannerExchange or WWW.CLICKBANK.COM can result in termination of your Fair-X membership and ClickBank account. You will get no refunds for this!


Ad content:
Fair-X BannerExchange have no responsability for the content of the links and the banner ads displayed on your site. However, we do not accept ads promoting any illegal, offensive, weapon-related, drug-related, pornographic or raceist-realted material. Posting a banner or link with such relations will cause an immedeate termination of your account. You will get no refunds if this happens!


Credit Card charging:
We fully trust WWW.CLICKBANK.COM to handle the creditcard orders on the Fair-X BannerExchange website. Fair-X BannerExchange is not responsible for any errors made by WWW.CLICKBANK.COM.


Affiliate program:
The affiliate program is managed by WWW.CLICKBANK.COM. All statistics over paid signups, commisions or affilliate fees will be handeled by them. In case of any disputes regarding these matters, WWW.CLICKBANK.COM are to decide what is right. Fair-X BannerExchange will not be responsible for any lack of payment from WWW.CLICKBANK.COM. Note that the affiliate program is given to you as a FREE BONUS. The terms of the affiliate program can be changed without prior notice. This includes changes in the affiliate fee and payment periods.


Local Laws:
To our knowledge, the Fair-X BannerExchange is legal in every state, region and country of the world. However, it is your own responsibilty to ensure that the Fair-X BannerExchange is not illegal in the state or country where you live.


Legal Disputes:
Any legal dispute will be setteled by whatever public instance Fair-X BannerExchange chooses, at a location and time that is convenient to the Fair-X BannerExchange.


Economical Losses:
Fair-X BannerExchange has no responsibility whatsoever for any economical losses you might experiece as a result of purchasing and using this service.


It is your own responsibility to pay taxes for any payout you recieve through our affiliate program(s).


All rights for the design and functionallity of the Fair-X BannerExchange is Fair-X BannerExchange 's property. By purchasing this membership and service or joining as a reseller, you agree that you will never copy neither content, concept or functionality from the Fair-X BannerExchange website and the related material.


Fair-X BannerExchange have no responsibility for malfunction of this service caused by technical problems. You understand that the WWW and the Internet are complex systems, and that errors may likely occour. From time to time, the Fair-X BannerExchange website and banner distribution scripts may be closed for system maintainace.


Exposure of your banner ad:
You understand that the number of websites that displays your banner ad will depend on the number of members in the exchange, and the number of banners from our exchange you display on your own webpage(s). It is your own responsibility to insert the porper HTML code on your webpage(s) to display the exchanges banners and to link back to your Fair-X BannerExchange reseller URL.


Changes to the Fair-X BannerExchange:
Fair-X BannerExchange may change the design, functionallity and price structure of Fair-X BannerExchange without prior notice. We will however, as long as it's techinically possible, do our best to inform our members if any major changes is to be done.

(c) 2000 - 2005 Fair-X BannerExchange InnComm

This website is protected by International Copyright Laws and is timestamped by independant legal sources. Any copying of this website's design, consept or syntax will be followed up and sought punished to the fullest extent of local and international laws.