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Members and resellers: MAKE MONEY!
As a Fair-X BannerExchange member, you're automatically set up to be a reseller of our services. We pay you 50%* of the membership fee paid by any new member you send us through your reseller URL!

The Fair-X BannerExchange membership sells like "hot cakes" these days, and within a very short time, we'll reach our goal of 15% market share in the in the "biz-opp, moneymaker and small business/home business website" segment of the Internet.

There are 100,000's of webmasters out there that are allready members of other banner exchanges! Each and every one of these people will benefit form the Fair-X BannerExchange's unique concept!

In other words, the market is HUGE! Go grab it while it's still virtually "virgin"! Your earnings can easily be 1,000's of dollars per month.... or even per WEEK!

Take a look at our different tools below, and start use tham to build your fortune TODAY!


Default "banner strip" setup:
The "default" way to promote Fair-X and make money, is simply to paste our "banner code" onto your webpage(s). The "strip" under the "banner rotator" on your webpage will automatically link to www.fair-x.com using YOUR ClickBank nickname. (Note: For this to work, it's important that your ClickBank "nickname" and your Fair-X account name is 100% alike! This should have been taken care of when you signed up for your membership. Read more about this on our FAQ page.)

Now, even if the "strip" method of linking to Fair-X is highly efficient, you'll see that it's quite easy to make way more money by sending people to our website using additional methods!

To send people to our website, simply use this URL:

(NICKNAME should of course be replaced by your ClickBank "nickname")


You can paste our banners directly on any webpage(s) you have, OR (and this is a little bit nasty but pretty effective) post them into rotation in OTHER banner-exchanges you're a member of! By doing that, you can bet that all the webmasters that are members of that banner exchange will see it (they check their own webpages from time to time, right?), and these people are of course VERY interested in joining a better exchange!

Note: Do NOT post these banners into rotation in the Fair-x BannerExchange... that would be like "stealing" signups from our other members... and that's not fair play, is it?

<<banner1>> **Coming soon**
Graphic location on our server: http://www.fair-x.com/banners/banner1.gif

<<banner2>> **Coming soon**
Graphic location on our server: http://www.fair-x.com/banners/banner2.gif

Your banners should link to: http://www.fair-x.com/go.pl?NICKNAME
(NICKNAME should be replaced by your ClickBank "nickname")


You can use our "buttons" somewhere on your webpage(s) to get a discrete yet powerful promotion of your Fair-X reseller URL.

<<button1>> **Coming soon**
Graphic location on our server: http://www.fair-x.com/banners/button1.gif

<<button2>> **Coming soon**
Graphic location on our server: http://www.fair-x.com/banners/button2.gif

Your buttons should link to:

(NICKNAME should be replaced by your ClickBank "nickname")


Textlinks are extremely powerful. Try one of these on your webpage(s), or submit them to FFA pages etc.

The bannerexcanges screwed me! Finally I got even! Click Here to find out how!

Don't get screwed! Get even! Click Here to get targeted website traffic and make CASH!

Have a website? Want traffic? Want money? Click Here!

NEW: Finally a FAIR BannerExchange that PAYS!

I do it ONE TO ONE! Click Here!

Be sure to link to your reseller URL:

(NICKNAME should of course be replaced by your ClickBank "nickname")


Newsletter articles:
If you have a newsletter, you should try running this "mini article". Man, it works!

Email subject/article heading:
WARNING: The banner exchanges screwed me! (Don't let this happen to you!)

Email message/article:
For a long time, I have depended on a banner exchange to bring in traffic to my
my website. I used to think of this as an easy way to get more visitors, but man,
they actually SCREWED ME!

You see, most banner exchanges out there only displayed my banner ONCE for
every TWO banners I displayed for them on MY website!

The excess banner impressions (HALF of the banners displayed on my site) they
SOLD to their clients! They brought me some traffic allright, but it should have been
TWICE of what I got from them!

Finally, I've found a bannerexchange that does not only give me back 100% of the
bannerimpressions I generate for them, they PAY ME SERIOUS BUCKS also!


That's right, they send me BOTH traffic AND commission checks!

Check it out now, and be SURE to sign up right away! This is NEW and HOT,
and these guys will soon be one of the major players out there!


Do as I did... join in NOW while the market is still "virgin" for this kind of service!

Click Here to join NOW: http://www.fair-x.com/go.pl?NICKNAME


PS: These guys have both the knowledge, the guts and the resources to reach their
goals! With their "fair exchange" policy, they simply can't go wrong! There are
100,000's of web page owners out there that will want this tool! Best of all,
I am allready a part of it, getting traffic and making money. You should be too!

Again, NICKNAME should of course be replaced by your ClickBank "nickname".


E-mail Signature Files:
In your email client software, you can specify a "signature file". Try something like this:

I'm a proud member of Fair-X BannerExhcange - The first 1:1 BannerExchange that PAYS!
Click Here: http://www.fair-x.com/go.pl?NICKNAME


Last year "Get paid to surf" was THE hottest thing out there. Now it's "Get paid to get TARGETED traffic to your website!". Are you in yet? http://www.fair-x.com/go.pl?NICKNAME

(Still, NICKNAME should be replaced by your ClickBank "nickname".)


Classified Ads:
Use these ads on your webpage(s), in your newsletter, on FFA pages and in your autoresponder messages:

Warning: They're ripping you off!
Most banner exchanges rip you off!
Check out the first 1:1 FAIR banner-
exchange that PAYS!


No Way I'll let them screw me again!
For years I got screwed by the banner exchanges!
Now it's time to get even! Finally, I found a
FAIR banner exchange that PAYS!


Get traffic - Get Paid!
While other banner exchanges actually STEAL
50% of your traffic, these guys PAY YOU to
get targeted traffic to your website!


No more getting ripped off!
I used to love them, but I had to kill them!
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Finally a FAIR banner exchange that brings in
1:1 banner exchange and fat commissions!
What more do you want?

(NICKNAME should replaced by your ClickBank "nickname")



* Our commission payout is 50% of the membership fee, less creditcard processing fees (approx $1)

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